2021 Poetry Contest Winners

Below are the winner’s of the 2021 Bluemont Fair Poetry Contest.  Categories included Best of Show, Ages 6 to 9, and Ages 10 to 13.  Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winners.

Best of Show

Trot From Far Away
by Celeste R, age 11, Herndon

The hard hooves, that swiftly trot,
Are heard from far away,
And as I see them closer,
I see their silk manes sway.

Behind their legs a dust cloud spreads,
That looks like wind made magic,
Their day’s been so very pretty,
It’s the opposite of tragic.

It looks like flowers blooming,
Just under their feet,
As they reach a Bluemont valley,
Spread greenly neat.

The hard hooves, that swiftly trot,
In the grass they blend,
Sudden stop, makes the run
Slow to an end.

Winner, Ages 6 to 9


-by Charlie B, age 8, Round Hill

Llamas, llamas, they’re big and fluffy.
Once I met a llama and his name was Buffy.

Llamas eat grass and grass is green.
Once I met a llama and his name was Lil’ Bean.

Llamas are amazing, llamas are grand,
Once day when I’m older I’m going to start a llama band!


Winners, Ages 10 to 13

The Whistling Willow
by Celine R, age 10, Herndon

The willow tree swiftly sways
through the sun all about
As the fox smells all with its snout
Carefully silently the willow grows
As the wind starts to blow
Cheerily happily the willow dances
As each day it earns more chances
To grow and grow
So slow so slow

Fish Food
by Ava C, Age 10, Leesburg

A knifefish swims around the tank
As the fish food slowly sank
The angelfish fighting over worms
If they’re alive they start to squirm
Platys, swordtails, guppies too
With the colors orange and blue
Devour everything in sight
But soon as it turns to night
Knifefish, plecos and catfish too
Start coming out to look for food
In early morning they go to sleep
And the other fish come out to eat