Frequently Asked Questions

How much is admission, and what does it cover?

It costs $10 for each person age 10 and over to enter the Bluemont Fair. Children 9 and under are free, as are volunteers who work a shift at the Fair. The price includes admission into all sections of the Fair, including the Children’s Fair (with crafts and activities for the younger set), the petting zoo, the Indian Village, and the Snickersville Academy (a restored log cabin that was the first school in Bluemont, where we will hold old-fashioned children’s games). All music is free as well. There are small charges for pony rides, beer & wine tasting.

How do I get to the Bluemont Fair? 

Bluemont is located on the north end of Snickersville Tpke/Rt 734, at the intersection with Virginia Rt 7. The Fair is held throughout the village. Please enter this address in your GPS locator: 33846 Snickersville Turnpike, Bluemont, VA 20135. Please note that Snickersville Tpke supports ONE-WAY traffic only during the days and times of the Fair. The traffic will be one way heading southbound on Snickersville Turnpike from Clayton Hall Rd, through the village, to the Fair parking lot at the south end of the village. All traffic heading north/west on the Turnpike will be required to turn into the Fair parking lot.

What about parking?

The Bluemont Fair has free parking in a field located on Snickersville Tpke, just south of the village. If you are coming from Rt 7, please follow signs through the village to the parking lot. Parking attendants will be available to direct you as well.

Is there disability parking?

Yes, there is a small lot for those with disabled stickers on Snickersville Turnpike beside Epling Landscaping, and there are several rows reserved for the disabled in the front of the main Fair parking lot. Just show your credentials to the traffic attendants and they will help you find a space.

Is the Fair wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, no. While the Turnpike is open to pedestrians, the Fair vendors and events are mostly in fields and yards. It would be difficult to use a wheelchair across the terrain, though strollers are manageable.

How do I enter the Fair? 

The main admission gate is in the parking lot, at the point where you enter the Fair. There you will purchase your entrance wristbands (there is a different color for each day), and you have the option of picking up a Fair Map, Scavenger Hunt information, and a Walking Tour describing some of the historic buildings in Bluemont. There is a secondary admission gate near the handicapped lot at Eplings Landscaping. Please visit this gate for a wristband if you park in a non-designated area.

If Snickersville Turnpike is one way, how will I leave the Fair? 

All cars leaving the Fair will be required to turn left/south on Snickersville Turnpike. You have several options from there, so you may want to use your GPS to return home. If you are returning to Rt. 7, you can turn left on Yellow Schoolhouse, which takes you directly to the highway over a lovely gravel road. To avoid gravel, the best option is to continue down the Turnpike and take a left at Airmont Road. This leads into the town of Round Hill, ending on Business Rt. 7, where you will either go left to head west or right to head east; there is an access to the highway Rt. 7 within a mile in either direction.

Can I bring a dog (or other pet)?

No. We are sorry, because we love dogs too, but the Bluemont Fair has a strict No Pets policy. This helps us avoid the problems we faced in the past, when we had dog messes that got tracked everywhere, dog fights, and even a dog bite. Plus, some people are afraid of dogs, and we have food vendors located throughout the fair. The Fair is cleaner and safer this way. So please leave your dogs and other animals at home.

Do you take credit cards? Is there an ATM?

Yes, most areas of the fair do take credit cards, including the Admissions Gate and the main sales areas. Most individual vendors can also accept credit. The exception is the Bluemont Fair Art Show & Sale, which collects the sale price on behalf of the artists, who are typically not present. So at the Art Sale, we must accept either cash or a check on the artist’s behalf.

And yes, there is an ATM on the weekend of the Fair at the EE Lake Store, located at the intersection of Snickersville Tpke and Railroad St.

What if it rains?

The Fair is rain or shine. We have tents available throughout the Fair, and some indoor activities, to provide cover during a downpour.

How do I enter my art, craft, food item, etc. in the fair?

Please refer to the following page on the Bluemont Fair website: Locate the appropriate category for your product or service, download the form, and send it in to the chairperson and address included on the form.

How do I enter the Pickle and Pie contest?

All entries for the Pickle & Pie contest must be brought to the E.E. Lake Store by 11 am on the Saturday of the Fair. We accept all kinds of pickles, and have two categories for pies: fruit and non-fruit. Winners are announced at the Lake Store by 1 pm, and then the pies are sold to Fairgoers by the slice. For additional information, please see

Where can I buy a Bluemont Fair t-shirt or poster?

Bluemont Fair memorabilia (t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and posters) are sold at both ends of the Village. A limited selection is available in the Gardener’s Shed, behind the Bluemont Community Center. Most Fair merchandise is sold at the E.E. Lake Store (along with the giant bake sale).

Where is lost & found?

All found items will be brought to the front desk of the Bluemont Community Center (540-554-8643).

What does the Bluemont Fair do with the money it raises?

The Bluemont Fair is the sole fundraiser for the Bluemont Citizens’ Association. The BCA uses the proceeds from the Fair to fund local student scholarships, community beautification, improvements to historic buildings within the village, and support of residents in need and local service organizations.

I am a volunteer. How do I get my free entrance pass and t-shirt discount? 

The Fair Chair who is responsible for the area in which you are volunteering is in charge of getting you your free fair entrance wristband and your t-shirt voucher. Please contact that person with questions.

Can I access the Boulder Crest Foundation Retreat Center for Military & Veteran Wellness during the Fair?

Unfortunately, Boulder Crest will not be open to the public during the Fair this year. However, if you would like to volunteer to support veterans by helping at the Center, follow this link for more information.