Vendor and Exhibitor Insurance

The Bluemont Fair has a new insurance policy that requires all Fair vendors and exhibitors to carry their own liability insurance for our event. This requirement was standard across all the insurance carriers with whom we spoke, and as many other fairs and festivals are encountering this same issue, you may already have faced it elsewhere.  We hope it will not be a problem for you

As soon as possible, please ask your insurance provider for a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI), showing proof of your coverage for our event.  It should list the Bluemont Citizens Association as “Additional Insured” or “Certificate Holder”, at the following address:

Bluemont Citizens Association
PO Box 362
Bluemont, VA 20135

Please email your COI to:

If you don’t have existing coverage, we have partnered with ACT Insurance to offer a policy for the duration of the fair.  We have negotiated a discount with Artist Crafters & Tradesmen (ACT) insurance  for non-food liability coverage to offer a policy that covers you for the duration of the Fair..

  • Visit ACT Insurance.  This link takes you directly to the Bluemont Fair page on the ACT website. ACT policies cover artists, crafters, and tradesmen..
  • As stated above, Bluemont Citizens Association will need to be designated as the Certificate Holder — this information will auto-populate.
  • The start date will auto-populate to the current date.  Please enter ‘9/16/2022’.
  • At checkout, enter discount code ‘bluemont5‘ to receive a $5 discount. This brings the price of the policy to $44 to cover you for the duration of the Fair.
  • If you regularly attend events, you might be interested in an annual policy.  ACT is offering a $10 using discount code ‘bluemont10‘.
  • This is being offered as a courtesy to our vendors and exhibitors.  Bluemont Citizens Association (Bluemont Fair) is not receiving any commission or reimbursements for making this coverage available. You are welcome to get coverage from any other insurance provider.

Please let me know right away if you have any issues with this requirement.

Dave Ewald
Bluemont Citizens Association Treasurer