50th Annual Bluemont Fair Seeks Poster Design

50 years and still a country fair in a country village!

Organizers of the 50thANNUAL BLUEMONT FAIR, to be held September 21& 22, 2019 in historic Western Loudoun County, VA, invite artists of all ages and abilities to submit designs for consideration for this year’s unique poster: The theme is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his beloved old-timey fair.

When the first fair occurred in 1969 Nixon was President and the US was still actively involved in the Vietnam War, Neil Armstrong and Ed Aldrin walked on on the moon, the Manson murders and the Stonewall riots shocked us; The Who released their rock opera “Tommy” and the Beatles released their Abbey Road album. And who can forget Woodstock! Meanwhile, in the little mountain village of Bluemont, residents banded together to figure out how to pay for their village’s streetlights. Someone suggested that they put on a small country fair and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fifty years later Bluemont is still a small country village with a thriving historic district where not much has changed in appearance from it’s early years. And Bluemont still hosts a country fair, although it has expanded and grown through the years with each generation of neighbors putting their own special stamp on it. This year’s fair marks a significant milestone in the village’s history, and yes, part of the proceedsstill go toward paying for streetlights!

Designs should be rendered simply and with minimal color to facilitate replication on Bluemont Fair’s distinctive poster. Artists should include their contact information and a brief biography for inclusion in publicity. The selected artist’s name will be printed on the poster and his/her work acknowledged in Fair publicity. Multiple entries from individual artists are permitted.

Artwork should be mailed to: Bluemont Fair Poster Design Competition, P.O. Box 217, Bluemont,Virginia, 20135 and must be postmarked by April 3, 2019. Individuals requesting return of their submission should also include a self-addressed, stamped mailing receptacle.

For further information, or to arrange for in-person delivery of an entry call 540-554-2367 (voice mail), or
email chair@bluemontfair.org. Visit www.bluemontfair.org for examples of past designs.