Poetry Contest Winners 2018

Poster Art Winner 2018

Bluemont Fair Poster Art Winner 2018

Overall Winner 2018

The Cookie Crime
By: Victoria Rogers

I put the glass up to my eye
To see what I could find
It magnified the fingerprint
Whose arch was clearly lined

I brought the glass down to the floor
And figured out that he
Had just eaten some lunch because
I found some crumbs, ’bout three

I moved the glass to over there
And quickly I realized
That some dark hair had fallen out
And I was well surprised

I took the glass to the front door
And found a shoe print small
It looked like it had big brown bends
From mud caused by a fall

I carried the glass to the jar
And found nothing inside,
Because a person big or small
Had stolen them or tried

I lugged the glass to under here
And saw my little boy
Who was eating the crisp cookies;
His face was full of joy

Silent Connection by Laura Iverson

Photo credit: Pixels.com

2018 Bluemont Fair Poetry Contest Winners

Bryna Sheehan
Winner – Ages 9 – 11 category

Gazing at the Silent Moon

Oh silent moon,
I look at you
When I am lost.
Your warm and silent glow
Leads me to my heart,
Full of dark and sorrow.
You make it bright and happy.

Hazel Lorentz
Winner – Ages 5 – 8 category

Mosquito Bite!

She was small as a mite
But gave a big bite.

She was not very bright,
For she followed a light.

Wow, what a sight!

(That was her last flight.)

2018 Bluemont Fair Poetry Contest Honorable Mention
Ages 5 – 8 Category

I’m happy when I know
What happened long ago
Before I was real.

Is there something you don’t know
That happened long ago?

-by Kahlan Moreau, age 7

Beautiful flowers
Buzzing bees
Pollen in the air

Bad times for people with pollen allergies.

-by Delilah Wechsler, age 8

Ocean Breeze No 22 by Victor Bauer

Photo credit: http://victor-bauer.blogspot.com

2018 Bluemont Fair Poetry Contest Honorable Mention
Ages 9 – 11 Category

The sunset closes over the mountain,
While the guy mows,
All the animals go to their den
The goats get locked in a pen,
In the sky
The clouds float in the sky
And my door closes.

-by Jenny Martin, age 10

The trees are blowing in the breeze.
The bees buzzing sounds like a wheeze.
The birds chirping sounds so nice.
The cats are chasing after mice.
Nature has it’s way of fun
And with flowers it has a ton.

-by Claire O’Connor, age 10

Every ocean breeze
Reminds me of the salty spray.

Every frozen custard
Reminds me of a lazy afternoon.

Every time I hear fireworks
It reminds me of their Fourth of July.

Every one story house
Reminds me of going to bed at midnight.

Every sand dune
Reminds me of their beach,
Bethany Beach.

-by Victoria Wood , age 11

If I rhyme
Will you give me a dime?
Because this is taking
a long time.

-by Druan Donohue, age 9