Model Trains

Step inside the air-conditioned Community Center (second floor) to visit our extensive model train display! Children love to see the running trains and investigate the interesting layouts.

We are delighted to have Northern Virginia NTRAK with us.  Their T-Trak division will be providing the display.  Since 1991, NVNTRAK has been supporting community events and local charities by displaying intricate and detailed model railroad layouts throughout the National Capital Region.

NVNTRAK’s mission is to introduce people to the hobby of model railroading and provide information about railroad history and safety to the general public.  NVNTRAK layouts are flexible; their modular design allows us to tailor our configuration to the available space. We connect modules that are individually built and owned into large layouts that enable members to run realistic length trains through different types of scenery.

T-TRAK is a modular model railroad system featuring smaller table top modules with standards for module size, track placement, track interface, and electrical connections. These requirements allow for a wide range of flexibility in design yet still maintain interoperability with all modules built to those specifications. The popularity of T-TRAK is worldwide allowing for modules from all over the world to connect.