Thank You

As they say, it takes a village to make an event the size of the Bluemont Fair run smoothly. We have many people to thank!

  • First, we have to thank our patrons. Every year we are grateful for the thousands of people who come support the Bluemont Fair.
  • Next, we must thank our incredible Fair committee. Without the dedication and commitment of the 40 members of our Fair committee, this Fair could not exist. You all are wonderful and valuable members of our community, and the pleasure of working with you is why we continue to do this job!
  • We also have to thank the property owners, residents, and businesses of our village. Each year they sacrifice a weekend to the Fair, and most of them help in some way or another during the Fair as well. Without their permission we would not be here.
  • This Fair runs on the shoulders of the many volunteers who give their time and energy to this event. Our thanks goes to each one of you, for helping to make our village a better place.
  • And without all of our marvelous artisans, exhibitors, and vendors, this wouldn’t be the wonderful local Fair that it is.
  • Thanks to the Bluemont Community Center for letting the Fair take over their property every year, dealing with the inconvenience of clearing out all of their classrooms, providing tents, and helping with the Children’s Fair.
  • Thanks to the Village Montessori School for generously sharing their field on Fair weekend.
  • Thanks to Dave Levinson of Wicked Design for his patience, help, and great work creating this new Bluemont Fair website.  
  • Thanks to Browning Equipment for the loan of their tractor and their gators.
  • Thanks to Nolan Barzee (Mr Print) for helping with hay, and donating his wagon and his time to provide guests with a ride through Boulder Crest.
  • Thanks to Boulder Crest Retreat for opening their doors to fairgoers and providing us with tractor rides.
  •  Thanks to the Bluemont General Store/Broad Run Veterinary Clinic for providing the ATM and some great music.
  • Thanks to Historic Whitehall Manor for hosting their Bluemont neighbors so generously at a lovely dinner each year.
  • Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 961 for running the entire parking operation for the fair. You keep us moving!
  • Thanks to both Round Hill Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. 4 and Purcellville Rescue Squad Co. 14 for volunteering their time and their apparatus. We appreciate you keeping us safe!


We could not and would not do this without you!
Cynthia Morris & Jen Stone
2018 Bluemont Fair Co-Chairs