Re-order of the Quarantine Edition Non-Fair T-Shirts

We are excited to announce that due to popular demand we are holding a re-order of the Bluemont Non-Fair 2020/Quarantine edition t-shirt! We had a number of requests from people who did not hear about the first order in time, so we are doing a limited re-order for all who would like the opportunity.

We hope you’ll enjoy having a positive reminder of the strange year that was 2020!

The shirts cost $20 each (with a surcharge for the larger sizes), plus shipping if desired. Otherwise, the shirts will be available for pickup at the Bluemont Community Center in late February or early March. Below are the options available (for more details, follow this link to the order form at this link 2020 Bluemont Non-Fair T-Shirt Order Form)

These shirts are available by pre-order ONLY. This is your final opportunity to purchase this popular image, created by 14-year-old Emma Fajans for the Fair that never was, while supporting the Village of Bluemont. All order forms and checks are due to the Bluemont post office box by Tuesday February 16, 2021.

And we’ll see you on September 18-19, 2021, for the 51st Bluemont Fair—mark your calendars now!